In Memory.........

Daniel Ernest Russell Milton

FEBRUARY 6, 1939 – JANUARY 4, 2021

Terry Butzbach

Terry Butzbach of Skansen’s Llamas passed away due to illness. We wish his loving wife, Maria, our deepest sympathy. Out thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

Pamela Lee Trauth

March 26, 1953 - July 24, 2019

Pam Trauth, 66, passed away suddenly July 24, 2019, at her home in Christmas Valley, Oregon. Pam was born in Wausau, Wisconsin to Peter and Dolores Borsavage. Pam was a dog groomer for many years but for the last 18 years, she and her husband, John, traveled to many states shearing llamas. She was always active with different interests in 4H, FFA, Junior Rodeo, Reno Rodeo, Cantaloupe Festival, State Fair, dog shows, horse shows and llama shows. After moving to Christmas Valley in 2010 she became an avid hunter and enjoyed getting out in all new surroundings. Pam is survived by her husband of 40 years, John Trauth, her children, Louis Kulick & wife Deb Haines, Peter Kulick & wife Karen, Heidi Trauth Dickie, John T. Trauth & Lyndisi Lynch, and 15 grandchildren. Pam will be missed by everyone in the Llama Community.

EstherSue Sykes

11/10/1949 - 8/26/2018

Lora Crawford - April 21, 1941 - May 8, 2017

The Llama community lost a long time llama ranch owner, treasured friend, and camelid advocate on 8 May, 2017, when Lora Crawford passed away. This icon of our community often characterized herself simply as "a seeker of knowledge" despite multiple decades of being an active llama owner/breeder, show exhibitor, organizational leader, mentor, teacher and ALSA judge.

When Lora was introduced to these fuzzy camelid heart stealers years ago, she was like the rest of us - long on llama love and short on knowledge of llama care, training, handling, breeding and showing. As this "seeker of knowledge", she immersed herself in all things llamas. By attending and participating in open ranch programs, clinics, organizational conferences and expos, sales and ALSA shows, Lora steadily built an expansive knowledge base which she generously shared with others through her mentoring, teaching (formally and informally) and her support and encouragement of llama youth.

Lora worked diligently with some of the very first ALSA judges to better understand the nuances of successfully selecting and showing llamas, and acquired her ALSA judging credentials in the process. For decades she was called on to judge ALSA shows all over the country, including the honor of judging at Grand Nationals.

Lora stepped up as an active and supportive member of multiple organizations such as the Alpaca and Llama Show Association, International Llama Association, CAL-ILA, and Llama Association of North America to name a few. Her years of dedicated service, leadership by example, teaching, and mentoring were truly significant and much appreciated as evidenced by the prestigious "Pushmi-Pullyu" Award from the ILA, The Murray Fowler Award from CAL-ILA, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from LANA.

Lora, we will miss you so much.....You have left your legacy in memories and accomplishments everywhere, and they have been firmly and irrevocably woven into the fabric of this Llama Community.

Remember the directions... "Second star to the right and straight on to morning"*.... Isn't that “Bold Venture” and “Sizzling Hot” eating in the lush pasture just on the other side of the rainbow bridge? Your beloved llamas will never leave you... like you will never really leave us.

* Peter Pan directions to Neverland