Annual Board of Directors Election

It's that time of year again. LANA is accepting nominations for two open positions on the Board of Directors. Terms are served for three years. Voting opens December 15th and closes December 30th. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Board, email your candidate statement to the LANA Business office Deadline is December 10th, 2019.

Candidate Statement from Dolly Peters

Llamas are my passion and joy, therefore, I thoroughly enjoy being with new owners, old owners, large and small owners. I have been an active member of LANA for many moons; I have shown llamas in Nebraska, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, California and, of course, Nevada. The animals are truly wonderful and their owners are special. LANA brings all of us together to share ideas on training, showing, feeding, veterinary procedures and ranch maintenance just to name a few. LANA is a great source for learning and for making new friends that help each other. I look forward to remaining on

the LANA board to be available to the membership to answer questions and help implement new ideas. Looking forward to meeting you....

Sincerely, Dolly Peters

Candidate Statement from Sue Rich

My name is Susan Rich. I live in Oakdale, California, and I have served on the LANA Board of Directors for the past six years. I have assumed the duties of secretary for the past five. I would like to continue serving LANA in the same capacity. In regard to my history with llamas: almost 20 years ago, my husband gifted me with two young male llamas. I promptly enrolled my daughter, then in the 5th grade, into the local 4H which, miraculously, had a llama project. I shadowed her at every meeting, taking copious notes. As she began to show, our herd of two grew to three and then four. When Nancy Redden, the 4-H llama project leader stepped down, I stepped up. Since that time, and for over 15 years now, I have continued to provide Orange Blossom 4H’s llama project and added animals to accommodate the 4Her’s who lived in town. My twin interests of youth and llamas are underscored by a new show for LANA, soon to be offered for the sixth time: the Kids & Camelids Show, a kids only, no groom show with lots of judge counseling and guidance through showmanship, obstacles, fiber and conformation.