LANA presents four awards at the annual Membership meeting held at the Hobo Classic Llama Show.  They are the Adult Follow Me, the Youth Follow Me, HummDinger and the Lifetime Achievement Awards.  The qualifications for each award are listed below.

Adult Follow Me


1.     Supportive of LANA in word and deed.

2.     Volunteers time, energy and resources.

3.     Sets a service and leadership example for others to follow.

4.     May be awarded for single achievement or several impacting actions.


Youth Follow Me


1.     Involved in llama events and youth llama programs.

2.     Leader and mentor to other youth.

3.     Community service.

4.     Awarded for hard work, challenging their peers to emulate example.




1.     Recognizes long term commitment to LANA.

2.     Actions embody the mission and philosophy of LANA.

3.     Celebrates exceptional commitment, service and support of LANA and the lama community.

4.     Actions positively impact the lama community.


Lifetime Achievement


1.     Recognizes and celebrates lengthy bank of service and commitment.

2.     Positively impacting the entire lama community.

3.     Recognizes and celebrates lengthy serve and commitment to LANA.

4.     Not necessarily awarded every year.

1. Number of Awards: An individual may receive each award only once.


2. Award Criteria Considerations: Made contributions relevant to the award level through active participation, advocacy, or leadership in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the organization. These standards may be met in a variety of ways, including activity which involves creativity, innovation, intellectual or moral courage, team building or leadership.


  • Actions have had a positive impact on the quality of life of llamas, the community or llama owners.

  • Actions and achievements of the nominee are recognized and respected by peers or the community at large.

  • The nominee has fostered cooperation and mutual support among peers, organization or lama community at large.

  • Actions contributed to public understanding or support for llamas

  • Organizational Unconditional Service: Individual, small group or committee work contributing to or enhancing LANA programs, mission or goals.

  • Publications: Has written, published, or produced articles in the newsletter, publications or on the web significantly contributing to LANA’s Mission goals.

  • Interdisciplinary Activity: Has been active with related groups resulting in a partnering to achieve goals or sharing knowledge with other groups.

  • Public Relations: Has been active in promoting and disseminating information development or utilization of llamas within the philosophy of LANA. Has been a LANA ambassador, promoting LANA and service programs.

  • Humanitarian Service: Has been active in community or public service advancing benefits to camelids or the community.

  • Exemplification of Mission.

    • To vigorously promote and advance the quality of life of camelids through    education, advocacy, and support of llamas and alpacas and their owners.”

    • To serve, represent, address the needs and welfare of llamas and llama owners and provide leadership to enhance the quality of our community.

    • To develop, support and challenge innovation and excellence in Youth and llama related programs.

    • To promote the educating of the public as to the caring of and raising of llamas and other camelids.

    • To support and promote camelid research.

    • To engage and promote cooperative efforts with other organizations and groups to achieve these objectives


3.  Selection and Award Process: 

  • The BOD will formulate a list of nominations for the Follow Me Adult and Youth, Humm Dinger, and Lifetime Achievement Award at the Face to Face at the beginning of each year.

  • Selections will be made by the BOD, awards ordered in preparation for presentation.

  • Award write ups will be assigned for reading during presentations.

  • Presentation will be made to recipients at the Annual Meeting held at the LANA Hobo Classic Llama Show.     Awards article will be prepared for LANA newsletter and other publications as needed.