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Maureen Macedo

Maureen has been a long-time supporter of LANA and the camelid community.  She serves on boards and committees, both llama and alpaca, for different organizations. Maureen, along with her husband Larry, host performance shows on their ranch and will be hosting the 2019 LANA Kids & Camelids Show in April. She has helped at previous Kids & Camelids show as a fleece evaluator, giving the youth exhibitors a critique of their animals’ fleece.  LANA members have benefited from Maureen’s fleece expertise.  She instructed at a fleece clinic on sorting llama and alpaca fleece, and preparing it for show.  She also taught a wet felting clinic on how to make a felted bowl.  

She is an ALSA fiber judge and is currently work on her ALSA certification for halter and performance (both llama and alpaca) and an AOA accredited spin-off judge.  

When asked how they got started in alpacas, Maureen’s reply was “it was twofold:  one was that our girls had graduated from 4H and FFA but Larry & I wanted livestock of some kind.  I enjoy spinning wool and other fibers, but grew up with sheep and goats and wanted to try something different.  Our youngest daughter was working in a yarn store and came home extolling the virtues of alpaca yarn.  Her words were : Alpaca yarn is so soft and nice, but it’s expensive.  We’ve got to find a way to get it cheaper.”  

Maureen and Larry have been raising alpacas and llamas for twelve years. Their ranch, Macedo’s Mini Acre, is located in Turlock, California, with a current herd of 80 alpacas and 5 llamas. They have been and continue to be mentors to many grateful alpaca owners.

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Dr. Rob Pollard & Suzi Pollard

Dr. Rob Pollard, DVM, earned his veterinary degree from the University of California at Davis in 1970.  As a student making the rounds with Dr. Murray Fowler for the first time, Rob realized that he would be well served to continue making the rounds with the man who would become his mentor.  He credits Dr. Fowler with teaching him how to be creative and resourceful when solving health issues for animals.

Also as a student at Davis, he visited a help station on the coast where met Suzi.  He found Suzi working with marine wildlife and so their lifelong fascination with and service to exotic mammals began. Upon Rob’s graduation, he and his new wife relocated to Sonora, CA, and began to rehabilitate injured or ill wildlife.  Suzi’s dedication flowed from her great empathy for all living things.  And so their practice took roots.

Neighbors to the Pollards acquired llamas, and the new pasture inhabitants just a fence over became the new fascination for the wildlife rescuers.  Once again, Dr. Pollard turned back to his UC Davis mentor, Dr. Fowler, and Rob intensified his study of camelids.  Eventually, Rob was sent to Bolivia to screen importations.  They trekked all over the countryside and learned a great deal about reproduction and llama medicine from local long-time llama owners.

Over time, Dr. Pollard gained a national reputation regarding his llama niche, and Suzi became known as a premier savior of at-risk cria and expert on assisting babies with latching onto their mothers in order to nurse.  High dollar alpacas were temporarily placed at the Pollards to ensure a healthy birth and a good start with lactation.  Suzi had endless energy and was generous with her time.  She established routines with Rob that included 30 minute checks on llamas through the night to increase the odds of survival.  And the two maintained a strong partnership for many years.  Their own herd grew to over 60 animals at one point.

Dr.Pollard was a frequent speaker on veterinary panels during the years when LANA held Expo’s and Cal-ILA held annual meetings at the Davis Veterinary School.  He became well known for his focus on homeopathic remedies and herbals.




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