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LANA's Lama Lifeline

Lifeline is a safety net for llamas and alpacas.  It consists of a network of individuals, businesses and organizations that will take action to intervene on behalf of lamas in precarious life situations through consultation, networking, education and/or placement of llamas in new homes within the llama community.  Lama Lifeline is a model that other llama associations may emulate.

You can help!  We are always in need of foster ranches to provide a temporary emergency home to camelids who have suddenly found themselves without a home.  Forever homes are even better.  Do you have room to take on a scared, homeless llama or alpaca or two?  Your donations help us to provide feed, medications, vetting and transportation.  Donate now to help Lama Lifeline!

Lama Lifeline Committee

Jerry Kimbro heads the Lifeline committee.  He has worked llama rescue for years on a personal basis and we appreciate his expertise.

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Cathy Spalding has served on the Lifeline Committee for over ten years.  Her background and knowledge of lama behavior is invaluable to LANA.

L'illette Vasquez has also been on the Lifeline committee for ten years.  Her vast networking skills are crucial to finding homes for the camelids that Lifeline works with.

To contact Lama Lifeline:

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